Good and bad are just stories we tell ourselves

One of the biggest perspective shifts I had to make in my spiritual deepening is to move from a place of judgment (this is good, that is bad, ok, awful, best, worst…) to a place of is-ness and acceptance. I can see that good and bad are stories that make sense from one point of view. But with the gift of multiperspectivity, I can see that the world just is the way it is. Some situations can cause some individuals to experience joy, some to suffer, and everything in between.

But this doesn’t necessarily lead to nihilism. There is hope. The goal is to minimize suffering. For people, yes, but for all life on earth.

So rather than labeling any situation, thing, or person as good or bad, simply ask if it adds to overall suffering or ameliorates it.



Dave Cortright

Professional coach, effective altruist and audaciously optimistic about helping to fix the global mental health crisis.